The World’s Leading Bunker Liner

Capillary Bunkers is recognized as the World’s Leading Bunker Liner, and the most durable bunker construction method. Over 800 courses around the world have built or renovated their bunkers with Capillary Bunkers, including dozens of golf’s top 100 courses.

The longest-lasting product on the market comes with an Industry Leading 10-Year Performance Guarantee

Homogenous Mix Enables Strength

The strength of the homogeneously mixed product allows for pressure washing the bunker sand together with the Capillary Wash Box

Maintenance Savings Lead to High ROIs

Our clients experience significant maintenance savings and payback times averaging under 3 years

Quick and Easy Installation

Installation can be done in-house or by a contractor in almost any weather condition

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Martin Sternberg, CGCS, talking about the superior result of installing Capillary Concrete as a bunker liner, and why this has become the world’s most successful golf bunker construction method over the past years.

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How It Works

At the core of our solution, Capillary Concrete, is a patented and engineered polymer-based concrete. The only building material that can rapidly drain water while also moving water up, regulating the moisture consistency of sand, soil, and turfgrass.

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The Most Advanced Bunker Liner System

Get 100% moisture and drainage control to keep bunkers in perfect shape during any weather condition. Eliminate washouts, flooding, soil contamination, plugged ball lies, and other bunker maintenance and playability problems. Thousands of bunkers around the world, including dozens of golf’s top 100 courses, have been built or renovated with Capillary Concrete.

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Transforming the future of turfgrass

Introducing the first fully hydroponic growing system for turfgrass. Our Capillary Hydroponics Turf System ensures the right water content and gas-exchange in a turf profile by automatically controlling the water level to produce healthier turfgrass with less risk, water, maintenance and environmental impact.

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Bunker Liner Costs

What is the extra cost of installing a Capillary Bunker? The answer depends on local aggregate pricing and transport availability. On average, installing Capillary Concrete usually means an added 15 – 35% to the total bunker renovation cost if you include labor, and in return the bunker will now last 5 times longer on average, even against other liner products.

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Long-Term Performance
& Durability

Capillary Bunkers provides exceptional durability, strength and longevity, and enables precise water control and superior playability.

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Easy Installation
& Maintenance

We design our products so that your team can install them – in nearly any weather conditions. Also, we’ve made it our mission to lighten your maintenance load.

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Lower Cost,
Higher ROI

Less maintenance and irrigation mean lower costs. And, long-lasting materials drive down total cost of ownership and give you a better return on your investment.

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10-year, 100%

We are the only company in the industry to offer a 10-year performance guarantee for Capillary Bunkers, as well as a finance program that can significantly improve your cash flow and profitability.

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What Our Customers Say

95% of Our Customers Highly Recommend Us!
  • “All of our bunkers were completely redone with Capillary Bunkers. We got 100 inches of rain the last 2 years and for the last 4 to 5 years we have not had to replace any sand. We have less labor fixing washouts…we have to rake our bunkers fewer times…so it saves us a substantial amount of money for labor. ”

    Director of Golf Operations
    Steven Miles
    Preserve Golf Club

Make water your friend.
Improve playability.
Reduce risk.

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