Putting dramatic bunkers back in play for the 2021 US WOMENS OPEN
In late February, work on the bunker renovation began at one of our classic championship venues, The Olympic Club in San Francisco. GCBAA Certified Builder Frontier Golf was selected by Director of Golf Maintenance, Troy Flanagan to do the renovation work. Golf Course Architect Bill Love and his associate, Brian Kington were hired to add flair to the bunkering and create additional challenge around the greens…and WOW are they doing that!

The Olympic Club 1Director of Golf Maintenance Troy Flanagan at The Olympic Club and the Capillary Concrete installation in the new Love and Kington designed bunkers

Capillary Concrete was the bunker liner selected for the renovation based on several parameters:

1. The marine climate in San Francisco provides diverse weather patterns from damp and rainy in the morning to hot and sunny in the afternoon. Capillary Concrete can be installed in any climate condition as long as its not raining during the actual installation. Sand is installed the day after installation and sod is installed the next day to finish the complex

The Olympic Club 2

Capillary Concrete selected in part for the ability to install and keep sand on the faces in any climate or weather

2. Each project receives a custom mix design based on local weather patterns, aggregate, golf course conditions. The product is homogenous and blended at the ready mix plant and brought to the golf course-its ready to install so there is minimal variability in the batch.
3. Capillary Concrete can be placed on extreme slopes, which allows the Golf Course Architect the creative license to showcase his craft.

The Olympic Club 3

4.Our strength and performance that is backed by the Insured Financial Guarantee will provide years of quality playing conditions for the membership and reduced maintenance costs for golf course maintenance.

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The Olympic Club 4

Frontier Golf installing sand after Capillary Concrete has been installed in bunkers