Easy Installation & Maintenance

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Ease of Installation

Capillary Bunkers gives you the flexibility to schedule installation during your off-season and avoid closing your course for installation during prime playing times. You can even install the Capillary Bunkers in cold or rainy conditions.

Do it yourself or hire a contractor

Do the installation in-house or hire a contractor. We provide the support and information you need to help your team or the contractor install our Bunker System successfully, making your schedule more flexible and saving you money.

Reduced Labor Costs

We’re committed to reducing bunker maintenance. We know that although bunkers make up just 3-5% of a golf course playing surface, they likely eat up more than 25% of your maintenance budget. With our system, your bunkers will have significantly fewer washouts and need less sand replacement and raking – requiring less labor and lowering your costs.

Our customers give us high marks for responsive post-sales support to ensure a smooth installation experience.

Watch the video to see how a Capillary Bunker is installed.

Capillary Bunkers installation in 5 steps

  • Prepare the subgrade: Ensure that all bunker drains work properly and the subgrade is positively pitched, stable under foot, smooth, compacted and free of debris.

  • Install turfgrass: Grassing around the perimeter should take place prior to installation and be secured to the soil by roots or staples.

  • Define the edge: Excavate the subgrade under the turf so you will be able to apply Capillary Concrete under the sod to help protect the edge.

  • Install Capillary Concrete: Cover bunker subgrade area with Capillary Concrete; cure 24 hours.

  • Install sand: Place bunker sand over Capillary Concrete; saturate with water.