Frequently Asked Questions.

Does the guarantee cover installation as well as material?

Yes. The Capillary Concrete Performance Guarantee is designed to ensure that your decision to use the Capillary Concrete product in your bunkers is a risk-free decision. Installers receive a procedures checklist that must be followed to meet coverage standards. If installation procedures are followed and there is a failure, the product will be removed and replaced by Capillary  Concrete.

Is the cost of transporting materials to the club included?

Yes. If new or additional materials are required due to a failed installation, the cost of getting the product to your site is covered.

Is the cost of the aggregate  covered?

Yes. This guarantee is intended to cover all materials required to achieve a successful installation.

Is the course covered for downtime and loss of revenue?

Capillary Concrete would make every effort to remove and replace any failed installation as to minimize disruptions of golf course business, but cannot cover downtime or loss of revenue.

What happens if the golf course is sold?

That’s ok. The policy is transferable and protects future owners within the policy  term.

How long does this Performance Guarantee program last?

The initial term of the policy is for 10-years. Capillary Concrete intends to offer renewals at the end of the initial  term.

Are there any exclusions to the Performance Guarantee?

Yes. Exclusions include war, insurrection, acts of God, 100-year floods, vandalism, construction, golf course personnel or others who intentionally damage the  bunker.

Contact the Capillary Concrete team HERE if you have additional questions or would like more details.