You Don’t Pay Upfront for your Mowers…
So Why Do So for your Bunkers?

Capillary Concrete’s new Financial Solutions program offers a straightforward fix for courses who are keen to upgrade their bunkers, but who struggle with the capital cost.

We can help you pay for your bunker project over a two to seven year period. Pretty good since a Capillary Concrete installation typically saves you enough many to pay for itself in three years, and comes included with a 10-year 100% Performance Guarantee

Projects valued from $25,000 are eligible and can be structured as Equipment Finance Agreements or Capital Leases according to your needs. The program includes all project costs, including Capillary Concrete itself, bunker sand, drain pipe and rock where needed and all labor. No collateral is required, and the repayments can be structured in different ways to suit your circumstances. No set downpayment is required: you can prepay as much or as little of the total value as you like.

The application process is simple; a short one page form, the presentation of a vendor quotation and a degree of financial disclosure about the club, depending on project size.

The credit review process is rapid: a decision can be expected in 24-48 hours.

So talk NOW to your Capillary Concrete representative and explore the options open to you!

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