Performance & Durability

Capillary Bunkers is a patented technology and has been successfully installed in the golf market since 2010. Our technology has proven itself in golf courses across five continents, facing all forms of weather and abuse, and has an impeccable track record. In fact, our bunkers virtually pay for themselves after three years – and continue to bring you savings over the long term. We are so confident in the performance of our bunkers, we offer the industry’s only 10-year performance guarantee.

No more washouts

Our Bunker System provides total moisture and drainage control to keep bunkers in optimal condition, no matter what weather comes your way. Our bunkers are virtually rain, storm, drought, hurricane, disease, pest, and tornado-resistant! Eliminate washouts, soil contamination, plugged ball lies and other bunker maintenance and playability problems.

The most durable bunker liner on the market

Capillary Bunkers is the most durable product on the market and have a significantly longer lifespan and provide better, more consistent performance over time. The strength of Capillary Bunkers actually increases over time as it is exposed to moisture.

Our customers tell us the differences between our bunkers and conventional bunkers are like night-and-day! With our method, there’s no need to replace sand after multiple rainstorms. There’s also significantly less raking and maintenance needed to keep them in perfect shape. Members also appreciate bunkers that aren’t too soft, hard, wet, dry or inconsistent.

Withstands up to 6,800 pounds of pressure for superior durability
Outlasted 30 days of freeze-thaw cycles of extreme temperatures
Drains water at 100 inches (2,500mm) per hour. No washouts or waterlogged sand
Moves moisture back to sand during drier weather for consistent playability

One of the reasons for the strength of Capillary Concrete is the homogenous mixing. You can be sure that each and every part of the Capillary Concrete material is equally strong and bonded. There is no risk for the bonding material to not mix well, in contrast to a spray-on product.

Watch as we test the strength of Capillary Concrete in our Technical Testing Facility. This test is one of many performed; others involve subjecting samples to freeze-thaw cycles of extreme temperature variations for 30 days, X-ray analysis and microscopic analysis of each bond.

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