Performance Guarantee Instructions
This document shall be printed out, signed, scanned and sent via email PRIOR Download PDFto the start of the installation process to Capillary Concrete
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Capillary Concrete Installer

For added protection and peace of mind, Capillary Concrete offers a 10-year Performance Guarantee and in order to take part, the following conditions must be followed. Furthermore, this document must be read carefully and the fields for signatures belowmust be signed and then sent back to Capillary Concrete BEFORE the start of the installation.

  1. Appoint a person who is responsible for the installation and confirm that it is done according to the Installation Guidelines and who will submit the installation approval as described below. This must be done before the installation can start.
  1. The installation must be carried out exactly as specified in the Installation Guidelines found in this document.
  1. Conducted tests;
    1. After the Capillary Concrete has been allowed to cure for at least 24 hours and it has been cleaned according to the instructions, carefully check that the surface is smooth and that there are no areas anywhere in the bunker where the material is loose in any way.
    2. During the water test, make sure the entire surface drains perfectly and that there is no standing water anywhere in the bunker.
  1. I WILL NOT add sand to the bunkers until the golf course owner’s representative confirms the above-mentioned tests were completed and successful.

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Name & Signature of Responsible Person of the installation                                      Date


Club Name:

Club Address:

Email Address and Phone Number:

After completing the requested information, please do one of the following:

  1. Sign, scan to PDF-file, and send to the email address below:


  1. Sign and mail to the address below:

610 Sycamore Street, Suite 305, Celebration, FL 34747

This document shall be printed out, signed, scanned and sent via email PRIOR to the start of the installation process to Capillary Concrete.

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