Strength and Guarantee

Capillary Concrete™ is a special type of pervious concrete made with Light Weight Aggregates and a range of polymers that create a very strong bonding. Concrete in general is widely accepted as the strongest material available to create outdoor structures. There is a reason bridges, parking garages and airfield runways are always constructed of concrete… – it lasts!

This test is one of the many performed in our Technical Testing Facility, and it is one of the standard concrete testing methods to determine the strength of a certain type of concrete. Other testing methods involve subjecting samples to freeeze-thaw cycles of extreme temperature variations for 30 days, X-ray analysis and microscopic analysis of each bond.

Gamle Fredrikstad Golfklubb, Norway – Agne Strøm GCS, I dug up the sand today in one of our bunkers. I am turning it into a chipping area by green #7. After 3 trouble-free seasons and 2 winters I can testify of zero damage to my Capillary Concrete. I strongly recommend this product. Never a wash-out. I spend about 10 hours per week on my 45 bunkers. 10 hrs · Like · 1
Translated from Facebook comment on Norwegian Greenkeepers Assoc page, Agne is running a very busy golf course in Norway with a tough winter climate and severe ground frost and heaving problems every winter.

There is hardly any material in our society today that has more rigorous testing procedures to determine the strength of the product than concrete. The consequenses of failing concrete in sky-scraper buildings for instance is not an option. Concrete strength is very important and the testing procedures are well documented and sophisticated.

One of the reasons for the strength of Capillary Concrete™ is the homogenous mixing. You can be sure that each and every part of the Capillary Concrete™ material is equally strong and bonded. There is no risk for the bonding material to not mix well like a spray-on product.

Capillary Concrete™ is designed to be strong enough to last for many years in a bunker. The strength actually increases over time as it is exposed to moisture.

Capillary Concrete™ comes with a 10- year Performance Guarantee.