“We have to think about the environment” says Annika Sörenstam. Please click here to see video.


Capillary Concrete™is a unique material that combines macro-pores with micro-pores to be able to move water down with the force of gravity and up with capillary force. This is is the optimal solution to moisture control of sports surfaces, and it creates a very sustainable solution.

By being able to use capillary force and moisturize from below, water savings can be maximized. No excess water evapotranspiration, all the moisture directly from the bottom to create a dry surface which is still moist below.

Water restrictions is the single most important threat to golf worldwide. In order to truly manage a golf course in a sustainable way, water use must be kept at a minimum.

Capillary Concrete™ is also completely safe for installers and users, and can be used in sensitive wetland areas without any problems. No leaching and no dangerous hardeners or solvents are used.

Testing the latest applications in golf turf solutions, Capillary Tee and Capillary Green, suggests a 90% water reduction rate when it comes to irrigation. That is an important innovation for sustainability, golfing experience and money saved.

As golf course superintendents, we take pride in using the most sustainable techniques available. We have to be on the forefront of this development, for the sake of the game of golf.

Read here our Capillary Concrete Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Statement