A few days ago the Royal Golf Club Las Brisas kicked off the recovery works of the areas affected by the flood that hit the Costa del Sol last December, a process developed by the maintenance team of RCG Las Brisas with the participation of acttua Golf Services.

During the next few days the removal of contaminated sand from the bunkers, the revision and replacement of their drainage (many of them did not support so much water in such a short time), and the old geotextile material will be replaced by the Capillary Concrete system as a new erosion control product. Once these actions are completed, clean sand will be supplied to the bunkers in order to regain their natural state.

“We are hoping to progressively open holes as the bunkers recovery works and the various arrangements are completed in the field in general, especially in the areas near the streams. Our intention is to open the four least damaged holes of the second round in the coming weeks. The first lap, fortunately, has been fully operational for a few days,” says Rafael Gonzalez-Carrascosa, field director of the Royal Las Brisas Golf Club.