Fana Golfklubb on the west coast of Norway GCS Daniel Kristiansen has one of the best mindsets of any in our business – he simply has to as he is exposed to some of the toughest conditions you can imagine. How about 2 rain-free days in 10 weeks and a total excess of 2000 mm rain this spring? Add an unusual cold temperature as well and busy play on the golf course while grass is hardly growing, and the result should be a disaster but it is not. Daniel and his younger brother Kim, are from way up further north in Norway where the sun never sets in the summer, and they manage to present this golf course in great shape. They also manage to keep the grass alive – completely without any pesticides. Now installing Capillary Concrete in all bunkers to be able to present perfect bunker conditions in spite of the challenging weather.


Neighbour course Sotra GK owner and entrepreneur Björn Evanger shows off his 8th hole at this very unique golf course built on the rugged cliffs outside Bergen, Norway. Björn and his wife Olaugs story is an amazing background to this busy golf club where the members start playing in March already on regular greens. This golf course was built straight on the rocks and some 30 000 truckloads of fill from nearby construction sites were added along some blasting to create this great looking golf course. If you happen to pass by this part of western Norway, don´t miss out on these two great golf courses!